Natalie – Case Study

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August 8, 2017



‘Natalie’ ** made an appointment to see Christine at her Cairns office.  Natalie had been feeling very stressed at work, not sleeping well and had high anxiety trying to balance work and lifestyle.  The anxiety was starting to control her life and she was feeling very overwhelmed.


In the consultation, Christine utilised an Iriodology reading, Naturopathy and Homeopathy to establish a plan to get Natalie’s body, mind and health back on track.  Firstly, she prescribed a powerful, fast acting ‘Symptomatic’ relief mixture of Passionflower, Kava and Lemon Balm to reduce the tension of the symptoms immediately.  Secondly, Christine worked on the cause and recommended supplements that worked on Natalie’s Neurological, Immunological and Hormonal Balance.  For Natalie’s neurological deficiencies and imbalances, Christine prescribed supplements that worked her Histamine, GABA, Serotonin and Dopamine levels.  For her immune system, Christine through Naturopathy, worked on reducing the Chronic Oxidative Stress/Inflammation in her system by using a supplement that had Bromelain, Querctin and Curcumin in it.  For Natalie’s hormonal imbalance, in particular Natalie’s Cortisol imbalance Christine supplemented with Tyrosine, Iodine, Zinc and Withania and the amino acid, Inositol.


Christine reviewed Natalie after a month of being on these supplements and a major improvement had been made.  Because of Natalie’s high powered position and hectic lifestyle, Christine then prescribed a supplement that supported, nourished and fuelled the brain and neuronal cells as an ongoing, preventative (maintainence) to keep ahead of the anxiety and stress.  This combination included Glycine, Taurine, Omega 3’s, Bilberry, Grapeseed and Pomegranate.


Natalie now visits Christine every six months as a preventative consultation rather than a ‘fix me, I am broken’ consult.  Combining supplements with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, relaxation, eating a good range of foods that are high in anti-oxidants and proteins and low in refined carbohydrates lets Natalie successfully perform in her workplace and at home without the feeling of anxiety or stress.


** fictional character

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