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Christine Ludke is a registered Naturopath with over 30 years experience in Iridology.
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Iridology is an alternative medicine tool that compliments Naturopathy, Homeopathy and any other alternative medicine that requires insight and confirmation.

Iridology is the study of the eye. The eyes iris is examined and its colour, shapes, lines and markings are viewed which helps diagnose a patients overall health as well as tendencies toward inherited disease and genetic disposition. The iris contains thousands and thousands of nerve fibers that connect the body to the brain via the optic nerve. Iridology interprets these fibers to assess where strength and weaknesses are located in the body. Iridology works for everyone as it provides a better understanding of your unique and individual health. You can then help your body to prevent or delay a disease or dysfunction.

Health Diagnosis by Eyes

Christine Ludke uses Iridology to help prevent a disease or disorder from occurring. She believes that being proactive in your health widely benefits the person as a whole. It is far easier to treat a disease or ailment before it takes dominates than trying to treat it after it takes hold. An old Chinese proverb says – ‘ A poor doctor cures; a good doctor prevents’.

Iridology is a non-invasive test. Christine takes a photo of your eyes and magnifies the view on her computer screen. At this size, your iris presents a wealth of knowledge for Christine to investigate. Please let it be known that Iridology cannot detect disease – only that there is a weakness or a disruption in that area of the body.
Iridology can recognize:
– Genetic weakness and strengths
– Toxins and the whereabouts of the toxin/s
– Stages of inflammation
– Biochemical Deficiencies
Linking Iridology with Naturopathy, Christine is able to help the body boost itself in that area to obtain an optimum base for healing, nurturing and prevention.

Christine Ludke


Iridology was founded in the 1800’s by a physician called Ignatz Von Peczely. Much of Ignatz’s early work was carried out post mortem on patients that he had treated in the hospital where he worked. He knew their ailments and what they past from so he was able to utilize this information to gain an insight into what the iris of their eyes were displaying. He observed that patients that died of kidney disease had similar markings in the same area of the iris etc. He then founded an Iris map, which has been refined throughout the ages.


Christine believes that blood groups also play a part in diagnosing and treating a patient for optimal health.

For example, a person with an O blood group with brown eyes secretes more stomach acids than an A or B blood group with different coloured eyes. Christine would pay particular attention to the stomach and bowel rings and markings and watch for weakness that involved gastric ulcers or upsets. This is a generalized and basic form, lifestyle, diet and general well, habits and environment are also considered.



Christine’s perceptive and in-depth approach utilizing both Naturopathy and Iridology (including other alternative medicines if needed), gives the patient a sense of confidence, an ability to move forward and create an idyllic framework for a better lifestyle of stress-free health.

Both forms of alternative medicine link in a safe, non-intervention diagnostic form. Seeing Christine for the first time in an insight that requires no needles, no drugs, and no anesthetic. Together the both forms of alternative medicine provide a valuable insight and gain a head start in prevention of disease.